Baseline Monitoring Datasheets

WAV Baseline Monitoring DatasheetUse this datasheet for all Baseline Monitoring parameters and some Special Projects Monitoring parameters. Print your datasheet to take to the stream or fill out the datasheet on a digital device (just remember to download and save the file first!).

Want more space to write or need larger text? Use our large text version of the WAV Baseline Monitoring Datasheet (3 pages).

Habitat Monitoring Datasheets

WAV Habitat Assessment DatasheetUse this datasheet for conducting a qualitative fish habitat assessment on streams less than 33 feet wide. Use the accompanying WAV Habitat Assessment Worksheet below to conduct your assessment.

WAV Habitat Assessment WorksheetNEW! This worksheet will guide you through the process of conducting a Habitat Assessment, organizing your stream walk into 10 equal transects to fairly rate the DNR’s 7 habitat criteria for your stream station.

Special Projects Monitoring Datasheets

Thermistor LogConductivity Calibration LogDissolved Oxygen and pH Calibration Logs

Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Form – Coming soon!