Data Sheets

WAV monitors collect and record their data on data sheets, which can be accessed here. PDFs include the multi-parameter data sheet, habitat assessment, meter calibration logs and a thermistor log.

Data Guidance

The documents found here will guide WAV volunteers through the process of getting a User ID and determining their site location and station identification in preparation for entering their data into the online database.  Instructional documents are also provided to help volunteers edit or view their data and creating reports and graphs.


PDFs outlining the methods for both Baseline Monitoring and Special Projects can be found here. Our Baseline Monitoring methods include habitat, dissolved oxygen, transparency, temperature, flow and biotic index. Special Projects vary with the needs of state agency staff. Current methods are located on this page, and methods for past projects can be found in the “What We Monitor” section of this site.

Video Library

WAV has created training videos for several of the parameters monitored by our volunteers. These videos are intended to supplement the in-person training that volunteers receive, not act in lieu of that training. Each video is in English or Spanish and accompanied by a script with timestamps to make it easy to follow along.

Photo of volunteers