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2020 Nutrient Monitoring Application

March 9 - March 22

Are You Interested in Conducting Nutrient Monitoring At Your Site?

WAV has a limited amount of funds available to allocate to active WAV citizen monitoring and/or WAV monitoring groups to allow these individuals and/or groups to obtain total phosphorus monitoring data at select stream monitoring sites during the 2020 monitoring season.

This year, funding is open for volunteers to monitor at biologist-selected sites (see List of Biologist Recommended Sites) as well as in designated watersheds. We are prioritizing watersheds that are under an approved “9-Key Element Watershed Plan,” or where active TMDL development or implementation activities are underway.

This application will close Sunday, March 22nd.

Click here for requirements, instructions, and more information!

Open this PDF to view recommended monitoring areas and biologist-selected monitoring sites!

Use this form to submit your application!

This event has passed