Call for Nominations! 2021 Wisconsin Stream Monitoring Awards

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The Wisconsin Stream Monitoring Awards recognize individuals and groups for their exemplary work leading to increased participation in stream monitoring, collecting stream data, and sharing their knowledge. We have six award categories:

Award Categories:

We have six Award Categories to recognize individuals, teams and groups across our diverse stream monitoring community:

  1. Adult - an individual or small team of monitors
  2. Youth - a young person (18 and under or not yet graduated high school)
  3. Organized Group - a monitoring network, watershed organization, citizens’ group or other collaboration
  4. Teacher/Educator – a classroom teacher, naturalist or person teaching in an outdoor education setting
  5. Public Service – public officials and employees from local, county, state or federal agencies
  6. Business/Business Person - a company or representative that has supported volunteer stream monitoring by participating or providing support, services or resources to monitoring programs and people.

Previous award recipients may be nominated again, however only include work done since last winning the award.

Award Criteria:
  • Investment of substantial time in stream monitoring efforts
  • Participation in a diverse range of water quality-related activities
  • Support of stream stewardship
  • A record of sharing skills and information about water quality with others
  • A commitment to developing relationships and partnerships in stream monitoring efforts
  • A record of how the nominee's work has benefited Wisconsin streams or rivers
  • A commitment to citizen-based monitoring

Nominations are due by December 15, 2021. Please submit your nomination(s) online at:

  • Nominator’s name, address, email address, phone number
  • Nominee’s name, address, email address, phone number
  • Location of monitoring: preferably including the county (s) and the stream/river/watershed
  • Recognition Category (adult, youth, organized group, teacher/educator, public service, business/business person)
  • A (1-2 page) description of how the nominee’s contributions meet the award criteria listed above
  • One letter of support from someone other than the nominator or the nominee
  • (Optional) Supporting information such as news articles, event flyers, educational materials developed etc. (Limit of two documents.)

Questions? Email the WAV Program Manager at