Other Classroom Activities

Make WAVes For Action!

These eight hands-on activities promote environmental stewardship and a positive learning experience while benefiting a community’s water resources.


Stream Walk Survey: Gather information about a waterway

Stream Walk SurveyAssociated Data Form

Watershed in a Box: Build a simple watershed model to show runoff pollution

Watershed in a Box

Stream or River Cleanup: Organize a waterway clean-up

River Clean Up

Erosion in a Bottle: Create a model that demonstrates the principles of soil erosion

Erosion in a Bottle

Urban Runoff Model: Build a model that demonstrates the dynamics of stormwater runoff

Urban Runoff Model

Critter Search: Learn how to collect aquatic insects and animals from a stream to assess water quality

Biotic IndexAssociated Data Sheet

Storm Drain Stenciling: Stencil the message, “Dump No Waste – Drains to Stream (or River or Lake)” next to storm drains

Storm Drain Stenciling

Human Watershed: Compare the similarities between the human circulatory system and the streams and rivers that circulate water across the land

Human Watershed